mts images


can someone please tell me what the use case of the following images is and what they are used for?

mts-preboot: Contains preboot firmware for the CPU.
mts-bootpack: Contains the CPU firmware.
mts-mce: ???

What does MTS and MCE stand for?

Hi agx42,

MTS stands for Mangement and translation services. This is used for nvidia CPU.
It would translate ARM instructions for NV cpu. The source and document are all confidential so nothing can be shared here.


Since our Carmel CPU is not a native ARM CPU, it has a SW piece called MTS which does the code optimization.

As this MTS is secure, it needs to be bootloaded before any other code can execute. Therefore, there is a bootloader part which verifies and loads the MTS SW. The concept may become clear if you watch this (old) video:

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Thanks WayneWWW,

It would translate ARM instructions for NV cpu

Is this “translation” an nvidia thing or can I look this up somewhere?

that’s what I wanted to know thx


This is the way code optimization works and is meant as general concept. For sure this implementation is NV specific and cannot be looked up elsewhere.

If you search the literature for ISA translation, I am sure you can find more information.

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