MTS2400-24 missing management board

Hi everybody,

We have got a MTS2400-24 IB switch from ebay. That switch has build-in Ethernet and DB-9 Serial port. But, unfortunately the switch do not come with management board inside. The ethernet and console port does not connected to the switch board inside. Thus the switch has no build-in Subnet Management software. Although, i knew there is a way to run the Subnet Management software outside the switch, that is not we want and not possible in our environment.

Since this switch is a part of equipment for student project. So we don’t have further budget to invest another switch with build-in Subnet Management software. Beside, in our environment is not possible to run the Subnet Management software on server side.

So, does any one of you knew where can we find the management board? what is the parts-number?

Looking forward to having any one of your help soon, thanks.


Hi Danny,

MTS2400-24 is a Flextornics OEM switch.

I would like to advise you to contact Flextronics representatives:

You can also refer the following link to get more information :