Mttcan: entered error passive state

I want to use can0 and can1 to receive sensor data. Sometimes, after boot TX2, the can0 and can1 work well and receive sensor data correctly. But sometimes, after boot TX2, the TX2 will enter error passive state, and can’t receive any sensor data from CAN0 and CAN1 forever!!. It seems like probability problem, it’s very strange and confusing!!
who know or meet the same problem?
I use the 32.3.1 BSP on the TX2.
The configuration of CAN0 and CAN1 is listed as below:

The error info is list as below:

Can you please try using 32.4 BSP version?
Let me know if you face any issue with this also.



Thank you very much!
The can issue is solved and can0 & can1 work well while using 32.4.2BSP on TX2. But I don’t know the reason.
Could you tell me the real reason?

We have updated our bootloader binary in Rel32.4 which fixes this issue. Issue is because of CAN clock rate drift with pllaon as parent clock. So, when clock rate decreases, arbitration issues occur thus CAN bus enters into error state.


Hi, shgarg,

I also want to modify the bootloader by myself to fix the CAN issue, where and how I need to modify?


You want to modify R32.3 bootloader code or just replacing mb1.bin from R32.4 to R32.3 is fine?

Hi, shgarg

I want to modify the R32.3 bootloader code. whether the bootloader code is open to us and where I need to modify in the bootloader code?


Sorry that we won’t release the cboot code for r32.3. Please directly use r32.4.