MTX input for cuSPARSE's csrsm2

I’m working on getting a program working that using Nvidia’s cuSPARSE. Specifically one that solves lower triangular system with 2 or more right hand side vectors. Right now I’m going off of the last example in . Specifically 19. Appendix E: Examples of csrsm2 19.1. Forward Triangular Solver.

I was able to get the example to work as is and I was able to add an mtx reader program I found. Everything worked with a small 7x7 MatrixMarket matrix coordinate real general that I used. However, I ran into trouble when I used a larger MatrixMarket matrix coordinate pattern general matrix. I believe everything was read in correctly. I ended up just putting in values to make up for the lake of values provided by a MatrixMarket matrix coordinate pattern general matrix.

The problem come up during " /* step 5: solve L * X = B / " from the example.
I get the error "csrms2_wmtxread.exe: csrms2_wmtxread.cpp:846: int main(int, char
*): Assertion `cudaSuccess == cudaStat1’ failed."

Do you happen to know why an error like this would come up during step 5 but not during any of the previous steps?