Multi-areas for imx274

The frame of imx274 sensor contains multiple areas:
Optical black / Ignored area/ margin / recording area

If we set active_w and active_h to 1920x1080, which area will be included in ISP output image ?


Could be 4 effective margin area.

Thanks for help.
Is there some document for this situation?
I can’t understood why ISP know the different between those areas.

It’s doesn’t matter with ISP, it’s sensor output pixels.

This picture is a example for HDR frame in Jetson official document.
There are some properties describe the different areas:
num_of_ignored_lines, num_of_lines_offset,num_of_ignored_pixels,num_of_left_margin_pixels, num_of_right_margin_pixels .

Does those properties works on No-HDR mode?

No, those are for HDR mode only.

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