Multi-core DPDK program

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I’m developing a multi-core dpdk program on Bluefield 2. It simply receives packets from a port and sends packets to the other port. I’m using rte_eth_rx_burst() and rte_eth_tx_burst().

I’m following the flow_random sample, where packets get hashed into 8 RSS queues. However, the program only uses 1 ARM core as I checked from htop. Thus, may I ask if there is any way I can create multiple thread/core to improve the performance by taking advantage of all 8 ARM cores ?

I tried pthread() and rte_eal_remote_launch(), but the performance is the same or even gets worse compared to using 1 thread.

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hi tamtuan96

For multi-core DPDK, you can reference with DPDK performance report chapter 8.1:

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Meng, Shi

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