Multi-Device Pipelined OpenCL Load Balancer API for C#

Hi, I uploaded a project(open-source) of mine to github


(binaries here but building from source is better)

(some more wiki)

I don’t have any Nvidia GPU, so if you could try it with some Nvidia hardware and give some feedback in this thread, I really appreciate, especially with multi-gpu.

This is how a hello-world looks like:

ClNumberCruncher gpu = new ClNumberCruncher(AcceleratorType.GPU | AcceleratorType.CPU, @"
    __kernel void test0(__global float * a)
        int i=get_global_id(0);
        a[i]+=3.1415f; printf("" hello world "");
ClArray<float> f = arrayOfPIs; // some C# array from somewhere else to use somewhere else later
f.compute(gpu, 1, "test0", 1024);

Thank you for your time.