multi GPU laptop in Linux (Redhat) needed. Will I be able to set this up on a Lenovo IdeaPad Y500?

I am a student carrying on a summer job started last year where I developed a simple CUDA code (fluid solver, LB D3Q19 MRT), with the aim this summer of implementing the code on multi GPU. I am still quite new to CUDA, and also Linux Redhat.

The server I was working on has two Tesla C2070 cards, but on different nodes (or so, not sure on terminology) which will not get much performance gain when scaling up to 2 GPUs according to my server admin. Hence I was thinking of just getting laptop with 2 GPUs to test how the code scales up, and also to develope the code more easily.
I looked online for CUDA enabled multi GPU laptops and really struggled to find anything. I have never searched laptops online and am pretty ‘noob’ at reviewing all the tech specs. The best by far I have found is the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 with an ‘UltraBay’, allowing for 2 NVIDIA GeForce GT650M GPUs. However, I do not know whether the Ultrabay is designed for CUDA coding (the Lenovo tech support team also doesn’t apparently) or whether there is adequate driver support (not 100% sure what that means in practice yet) for the two when I try to set up a dual boot system with windows 8 (for general use) and Linux redhat (for working with to facilitate easier testing on the servers later).


  1. Does the Lenovo Y500 have adequate driver support for use with Linux for multi GPU coding? Particularly, I hear there are problems with Optimus, are these fixed/fixable?
  2. Will what I am trying to do work? Asin, how difficult will it be to actually set up the dual boot system on the Lenovo Y500, I don’t have too much time since I recently became a father.
  3. (bonus!) Are there better options for a multi GPU laptop than the Lenovo Y500 that will easily facilitate multi GPU CUDA on Linux Redhat for my purposes?

Many many thanks for any advice and assistance! Also, if I have overlooked any similar topics on the forum, my apologies. I am happy to provide any further information requested.


another solution for multi gpu is to go for a CLEVO gaming laptop with 17 or 18 inches. They are usually rebranded as sager in US or many different names in Europe. They are very powerful and very stable. Having 2 gpu in linux is simple if the cards are supported by the driver. The optimus problem is for the laptops which use the intel integrated card and there is no option to switch it off from BIOS.

Hi Pasoleatis,

I checked out the CLEVO laptops, there were many rebrandings! Sadly though, they sell for around £1500-£2000, so I cannot afford that, unless I missed cheaper versions somewhere.
Good to know that having two GPUs is easy in Linux, I will make sure to track down drivers. Thanks for the advice!