Multi GPU mobo certified by NVIDIA

Are there any lists of recently certified motherboards I can put 2 or 4 GPU’s on? I can only seem to get my hands on 4080 and 4070 cards from various manufacturers locally (Kansas) and am working on several tech blogs and open source projects and am just running out of steam with these new larger and larger LLM’s that I simply cannot load all into my 4080 setup. I went back to my old Gigabyte sli/crossfire board on my z370 to get multi gpu working right on one machine (had to get beefier power and cooling of course)… I have a stack of old dell and hp servers that are basically worthless but have dual zeon with 4u height and lots of power and x16 pcie sockets but its all old old old… I was really hoping for a current list of nvidia certified motherboards for multi gpu I can build for inexpensive (5k or less) and get on with my training and test case scenario for implementing the results into our business use case right away. I am on a shoestring budget for the office but our small woman-owned disadvantaged business could really make use of something locally hosted for development we can later deploy to vgpu services after we get our models refined and all the fun things I am automating all playing nice.

I need ideas on a motherboard to put 2 or 4 consumer grade cards with lots of gpu memory for the tasks I am throwing at it. Is there such a thing anymore? It really needs to serve dual purpose as a workstation too. I have 4080s only right (and a bunch of older machines with everything down to a 1080ti… I need more power and need some ideas.

Back in the day I had several SLI / LINK boards running all sorts of things on… fast forward a decade or two (ouch I feel old now) and I find myself begging for the old HPC compute days of old where I could get heterogeneous compute clusters of servers and consumer gear not terribly expensively and get things to just work for my one-off projects and learning.

I am a disabled veteran if that makes any difference for any purchasing programs… but mainly I am just looking for ideas on where to look for inexpensive certified multi-gpu boards for machine learning tasks dealing with LLMs that are way outside of my reach presently without paying an arm and a leg to work on vGPU systems in the cloud… I really need local development environment and ideas for at least 2 x 4080 boards and ideally 4.