Multi-gpu Tesla setup, which output port for video?

I’m having trouble getting any video from a new machine with 3 GPUs (2xTesla and an NVS 295, Asus P6T6 WS Revolution). The tesla cards both have DVI ports as well as the 2 displayports on the 295.

When starting the machine up it appears to be working (numlock lights on the keyboard and there are no error beeps from the motherboard) but there is seemingly no video output from any of the cards.

In this kind of setup which display would you expect the BIOS to use? Does it depend on the motherboard, and does the order of the cards in the PCI slots make any difference?

Trying several different monitors and cables with the 295 didn’t seem to make any difference, and I was curious as to which card/output port the BIOS would display on to help narrow down the problem.

I had a similar problem when I setup a 4x tesla system. I was able to fix it by running a VGA cable from the on-board video controller to take a look at the BIOS settings. Under the BIOS there was a setting that determined which of the cards provided the video output (in my case it was slot number 6 for no obvious reason). I then changed the setting so that the BIOS tries slot number 6 before it tries the on-board video card, shutdown and ran a dvi cable out of the card in slot 6, and then was able to boot without problem.

hope this helps…