Multi-monitor 1060: Wrong Primary Monitor

I recently installed a new GeForce 1060 (driver 367.44 on Fedora 23 x86_64), a PNY 6GB card with three DisplayPort connectors (it has HDMI and DVI-D, but I don’t use those). I have two monitors, one I call “center”, directly in front of me, and one called “right”, to the right of the center monitor.

During boot, prior to graphical mode (BIOS text, grub boot loader menu, kernel load and in text mode), the center monitor has console output for text mode. Other cable positions do not support console output during boot…this particular DisplayPort cable position is mandatory and any other DisplayPort connector position would result in the non-primary monitor showing console off to the side instead of in center.

Upon reaching X11 in graphical mode the monitor for primary versus secondary switches. I have to manually go into nvidia-settings and tell it to reverse monitor primary versus secondary. The primary monitor as determined by cable text mode does not match the primary monitor when in graphical mode…they reverse when going into graphical mode.

Audio setup seems to allow only the “primary” monitor to be seen. The second monitor is summarily rejected for all audio output (a non-primary monitor is rejected in audio setup as non-existent or unplugged). Center monitor no longer has audio available…only the right monitor has audio over DisplayPort. Apparently whatever causes video to be incorrectly swapped for primary/secondary purposes is not tied in to audio…audio was not swapped, and so manually swapping primary/secondary to work around the video issue does the opposite for audio and breaks audio routing.

Does the GeForce 1060 6GB driver 367.44 accept any boot loader command line arguments for passing to the kernel and GeForce driver to assign audio to a specific DisplayPort connector regardless of “primary/secondary” labels? Alternatively, does the kernel command line for this driver offer a way for me to force primary monitor in graphical mode to be the same monitor as the cable used in console mode (this would mean I don’t need audio to a non-primary monitor…center would be the same monitor in graphical or text mode)?