Multi Video Acquisition example Trouble


I’m trying to capture the video stream from two different camera with a NVidia Quadro K5200 (4 SDI Inputs)
. My two streams have the same format : 1080p 25.00 Hz
To do that, i’m using the sample code given by NVidia.

So here is my problem, the GPU detect both stream and i can display them. But the GPU send this error: “GL_PARTIAL_SUCCESS_NV”
You can see the result here:
one of the stream is alway moving from left to right or right to left.

But i have a correct result with only one stream: here the result:

It’s always the second stream which has this problem. Do you think it is a system limitation?
I thought i could get the correct stream as it’s suppose to be able to get 4 of them.

If you have any idea.


I’ve test with two times the same camera, and i’ve a correct result. So here is my guess: the camera must be the same to be captured at the same rate. Otherwise an offset will be done during the capture of the second camera.

If you can confirm if I am right?