Multi Virtual Channel Implementation in a CSI port using Xavier NX

Hello ShaneCCC,
Thanks for your support, When am reading using above cap.c file my raw file contain only repeating packets. And it’s not reading any new packetsn now only I found it. Could you please suggest any Idea. But in v4l2-ctl command I can able to read packet sequentially.

thanks for your time.

Try skip first 10 frames to check.

Hello ShaneCCC,
Thanks for your support, If I started my v4l2 application(cap.c) after my custom sensor start sending frame it’s reading . But If I start v4l2 application first and then my custom sensor sending data means it’s reading empty frame or repeating same packets. How to ignore these cases. But these issue is not coming in jetson Nano I am facing only in xavier NX.
Could you please suggest any solution.

Thanks for your support.

I think the sensor streaming should control by the xxx_stream_on function instead of control manually.

Hello ShaneCCC,
Thanks for your support, I am manually on the stream using the following api.
xioctl(fd, VIDIOC_STREAMON, &type);. could you please suggest any idea.

Thanks for your time

I think you can check the sequence of the v4l2-ctl and compare with your APP to check the problem.

Hi ShaneCCC,
Can you look this link : Increase VI5 queue size - #2 by PaulEnoch

thanks for your time.