Multicamera: vi port -index is not matched what I configured in dtsi

tegra194-camera-ov7251-r.dtsi (10.0 KB) tegra194-camera-ov7251-l.dtsi (10.0 KB) tegra194-camera-ov13b10.dtsi (10.0 KB)

I execute the command : v4l2-ctl --list-devices

vi-output, ov13b10 2-0036 (

vi-output, ov7251 2-0060 (

vi-output, ov7251_l 2-0061 (

the relationship about device and vi port is not matched what I configured in dtsi. It confused me a lot.

but if only load one camera and set num-channels=1 in its dtsi, the relationship of device and vi port is correct

and if I open cameras by order ov7251_l—ov13b10----ov7251,three of them works well.

if I open ov13b10 firstly , the ov13b10’s video is abnormal.

What do you mean “vi port is not matched what I configured in dtsi”?

Hi ShaneCCC:
The correspondence between VI ports and devices is inconsistent with dtsi.

in dtsi files ov13b10’s port index is 4, but v4l2-ctrl tools shows its port is 0:

vi-output, ov13b10 2-0036 (

Could you print the value from the VI/CSI driver to confirm it.

Hello ShaneCCC,
Thank you for attention ,this issue has been solved.
Because of the included sequence of three camera’s dtsi file in root dtsi.