multicast join failed for status 22

OS : CentOS6.3(default kernel)

OFED : MLNX_OFED_LINUX-1.5.3-3.1.0-rhel6.3-x86_64.iso

HCA Card : MCX353A-FCBT(Firmware : 2.11.05(latest))

Switch : MSX6025F-1SFR(Firmware : 9.2.0(latest))

we are testing HPL test.

but we find multicast join failed for status 22 error in dmesg.

what happened?

Please share the full error message .

Usually this message indicate that the multicast group was created with a specific rate and the port

trying to join has a different rate and exact rate matching is requested.

In order to find the root , please share your IB topology , ibnetdiscover , SM configuration , partitions.conf

Also… when getting error -22 on IB MC join it means that the join request sent by the server didn’t go through to the SM or didn’t get answered for some reason.

From my experience, every network would have some -22s out there; especially when the server comes up. later on you could have ocation once. the driver will attemp to join again later on - no worries.

if your errors are accessive, then you should worry. if those are sporadic and/or isolated to the area where the driver loaded, don’t sweat (unless you can clearly see that the specific MC group you are trying to join fails repeatedly)