MultiGPU Linker problems. unresolved external symbol cutWaitForThreads, cutStartThread

I’m trying to convert my program to a multiGPU setup. I’m trying with threads as in the SimpleMultiGPU example.

But when I compile I get the following linking problems:

1> : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol cutWaitForThreads
1> : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol cutStartThread

secondly… When I use the threads in openGL, and loop… is it possible to continue with the threads running, or do I need to start and stop for each frame?

It probably means you are not linking with the cutil library. I most certainly would recommend using something else other than that library for threading.

cudart.lib & cutil64.lib are both added to dependencies… as in the SDK example… so it’s something else… somehow … I’m quite puzzled with this…

Hmm… still not figured this one out… maybe I should drop CUThreads, and try with pThreads instead

CUT the CUT* APIs.
Include cutil.h and link with the CUTIL library.