Multimedia API NvBufferCreateEx Pixel Format Support

I am using V4L2 to capture frames from the onboard camera (OV5693) that comes with the Jetson TX2. I want to store the frames using a DMA buffer. I’m trying to create the buffer using the NvBufferCreateEx() function from the multimedia api, which requires parameters including an NvBufferColorFormat.

From what I can tell, there is not an NvBufferColorFormat that matches the onboard camera’s pixel format (BG10). Is there an equivalent format that I can use? If not, will this prevent me from using NvBufferCreateEx()? Is this parameter even critical to the functionality?


After some testing, I managed to get the DMA buffer working. The color format used for NvBufferCreateEx() seems to be critically important, but I managed to find a workaround for my specific camera (OV5693) by setting the format to NvBufferColorFormat_NV12_10LE.

That format is seemingly similar enough to receive the data via V4L2 and render it using OpenGL. It obviously does not debayer the frames, but this works for me since I am just prototyping and will eventually receive a different camera that should be supported.