Multiplayer Training Experience

Hi, I’ve been asked to put together a VR training arena by my employers. I think that the best way forward will be to use an Nvidia RTX server to generate a 5G wifi bubble, and cloudXR to deliver visuals to a number of Occulus Quest 2 HMDs. Can anybody corroborate my thoughts and if not suggest an alternative solution. Money is not a factor for once. Thanks


Definitely along the right track, biggest issue won’t be the VR side but getting enough of the wireless spectrum to play with wherever you install this (you want as few headsets per channel as possible ideally). You can use Wifi 6 enabled wireless APs to provide the connectivity to the headsets though for sure, as the Quest 2 has Wifi 6 in. We’ve been doing a lot of reading up and theorising on this as we’re planning on developing a concept for rollout to our clients using this concept, so I can tell you now that the theory is sound and there’s no reason it wouldn’t work - it mostly just comes down to environmental factors really.


We’ve been told by a partner that they have had success with four users on a single wifi6 AP with Quest2. So until 5G hits the HMD market that’s a great starting point.

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