Multiple Camera Feed via REB_Camera

Hi there,

I currently have a setup where I am able to send and view the camera image feed via the REB_Camera component, over to a Jupyter notebook with PyAlice on the Isaac SDK.

However, I don’t see any options that allows me to associate REB_Camera to specific Camera components, but instead it just follows the current selected camera.

Is it possible to set up a REB_Camera for multiple cameras, or have multiple REB_Camera for each Camera? Or will I have to manually write a middle layer that will generate the numpy images and send them over via PyAlice instead?

Hi Kelvin,

Unfortunately, multi camera is not supported in the current version (2020.2)
Please stay tuned as this will be supported in our next release in May.


So, just to clarify the question for my specific application, there is no way to obtain the views from multiple REB_Cameras simultaneously using Isaac SDK?

This will be possible with the next release coming out June 10th

Related question, will this also enable multiple ROS camera feeds?

yes, it will support multi camera with ROS, we even will have an example for it.


has the release date been pushed back again?


Hi Phil,

Isaac Sim 2021.1 is released, only the NGC container is not out yet and will be updated on Monday.


As you mentioned that Isaac Sim 2021.1.0 container image not updated yet (and still points to 2020.2.2_ea Isaac Sim container) - will check Monday for the update.
Also will Isaac Sim 2021.1.0 be available without the use of container?

Hi Xavier,
yes, you can run Isaac Sim locally if you have a RTX GPU.

Please go to Omniverse website, download the launcher, and then install Isaac Sim.


Oh great. Thanks. I thought Omniverse was for Windows only. Just downloaded for the Linux system. Will try/launch Isaac Sim from there.

Thank you Liila.