Multiple camera streams with the jetson-inference example


I’ve been successfully testing the jetson-inference DetectNet c++ application (./detectnet) with a rtp streaming camera.
Also managed to write my own version based on the my-recognition example. How can I add support for more than one camera? And would this require multiple instances of the detection network or can I feed the images through the same instance?

Also what is the difference between jetson-inference and using DeepStream SDK or other alternatives?

Thanks for all help,

For multiple RTSP sources, it might be easier to use DeepStream SDK. You can modify config file and run deepstream-app. Please check the latest release:

You can create additional jetson-inference videoSource objects that use different cameras. However, the command-line parsing is setup for one camera. So you may wish to use this videoSource::Create() constructor where you manually pass in the video options and camera URIs:

You can feed multiple sources through one instance of imageNet/detectNet/ect.