Multiple Camera Use


I’m looking into making a system that views a single object from multiple sides (Top, Front, Side).
From what I understand, I could use three USB-cameras to do this, which would possibly be slower than using CSI cameras.
However i do not understand how to connect multiple cameras like the Pi camera V2.

Question is:

  1. Is it better to use MIPI CSI?
  2. How do i connect multiple MIPI CSI cameras?

Jetson Nano has one USB3.0 controller. When you connect multiple USB cameras, USB bandwidth will be shared and the performance will get reduced.

In Jetson Nano development kit you can connect only 1 MIPI CSI camera. However, Jetson module supports 4 MIPI CSI camera. You can customize the carrier board and extend support to connect 4 MIPI CSI camera.

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I saw a third party carrier board for nano that has two csi camera ports and a pci-e ssd slot. Unfortunately it costs more than the nano itself. You could try a CSI camera multiplexer. I have never used one so don’t know if it will work out of the box or at all, but it seems a promising avenue to experiment with.