Multiple cameras stitching

Does any of Nvidia jetson devices can handle 7 camera stitching (raw monochrome 1280x1024 25fps)?
Does it depends on how video recieved by mipi, by pci, by ethernet ?
I found some Xavier articles about stitching 3 or 4 cameras and found STURDeCAM21_CUOAGX which can take up to 8 cameras, but can it stitch that many ?

please see-also…

I quickly read the datasheet on Jetson, Xavier and Origin modules can receive up to 6 physical channels via MIPI, and up to 36 virtual channels. In my task, it is quite possible to reduce the number of cameras to 6.
And, thanks for the video, I’ve already seen it, as I understand it, in practice it was possible to stitch together 3 cameras of 24MPx 25fps, which means it is theoretically possible to stitch together 6 cameras of 1280x1024 (<8MPx) if there is no decrease in performance due to the number of physically connected cameras.
Maybe someone has implemented a similar task in practice using 6 mipi video channels?
Where can I read about software development for this type of device? (the example above is certainly pleasing, but it is not informative)

hello alexbolmatwork,

please see-also Topic 180109, stitching is not supported inside deepstreamSDK now.
you may refer to OpenCV, for example, OpenCV: High level stitching API (Stitcher class)

thanks, I’m checking the opencv example.
I’m new to jetson family stuff…does jetson work with opencv with cuda support?
As far as I understand, I can use the openCV+CUDA implementation for basic stitching.
But I’m not sure it has enough speed to control 6 cameras at 25 frames per second…

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