multiple CAN channels Easy CAN config in drive xavier


We are configuring multiple aurix can channels using easy can config.We can’t receive more than one can channel on Tegra A.

If we configure very less messages (Like 2 to 5 messages) on different channels, and try to receive those on different channels, then it works fine. But we can’t configure all the messages from dbc in all the channels and receive the expected result.

I am not sure if this is the known issue for Easy CAN config?

-Dhruvil (Canoo Aka Evelozcity)


I have reviewed following discussion about similar topic.

But I didn’t find any conclusion in there.

Can you look into this issue? This issue seems sensitive as in we can’t use more than 2 CAN channels at a time. It limits lots of Xavier capabilities.


Dear Dhruvil,

EasyCAN is for easier initial development only and the performance is limited.
If all 6 CAN channels are configured, then there will be message drops. Thanks.

So, what could be the ideal way to enable all 6 CAN channels without message drops?


Dear Dhruvil,

Did you figure out how to use multiple aurix can channels working at the same time? It will be highly appreciated if you can share what you found if you figured out!

Hey Phil

Aurix is configured for 128 messages only. If you want to use all the CAN channels them you will have to reflash the aurix.

That is the best information I have so far.


Thank you Dhruvil for the quick reply!

One more question, when I turn on more than one aurix can channels at a time, only the last one works. If I run individual each channel, they all works. I wonder if there is sth. wrong with my setup for the aurix can. Below is my setup,

one channel I set in this way:
params.protocol = “can.aurix”;
params.parameters = “ip=,bport=60395,bus=a,config-file=/usr/local/driveworks/data/samples/sensors/can/EasyCanConfigFile.conf”;

the other channel I set in this way:
params.protocol = “can.aurix”;
params.parameters = “ip=,bport=60395,bus=b,config-file=/usr/local/driveworks/data/samples/sensors/can/EasyCanConfigFile.conf”;

I went through some discussion. somebody said we need to change the bport value. But I could not find another working value other than 60395. Could you help me out?

Highly appreciated!