multiple cards


I hope this is not too much off topic, but I want to put two different cards in my PC to test multiple device support for an OpenCL App. Now I know that I have to use cards from the same vendor, but can I use a GTX260 and GTX280 at the same time? What about a GTX260 and a 8800 GT?


You can put cards from different vendors. Naturally, different models are OK - it’s your job to do load balancing, synchronization and whatnot.

I have created a context with a GTX260 and a 9800GTX card and that worked. However the computation time of the kernels grow enormously when to kernels set on different different devices operated on the same input data. This was solved by copying the data so all kernels executed at the same time had its own input data.

Hop this help you.

I thought that the GTX 260 and 9800GTX require different drivers and you can only install one of them? Anyways, thx for the reply, I will give it a go now.