Multiple CSI cameras on tx1

We have more questions below.

  1. We are developping our own processing card which uses a FPGA as an interface to two digital cameras.
    So, how can we configure our two digital cameras to Jetson TX1 platform via FPGA?
    We do see the configuration file “board-t210ref-camera”. Could you tell us which part of this file will need modification and how? Could you provide some advice and guideline?

  2. We noticed the camera provided with the Jetson TX1 development board, it is configured as a I2C device on Linux device tree. With our developped board, should we also treat our FPGA+digital cameras as a I2C device as well?
    How do we make our developped board work as I2C device? What should we do?

  3. There are 12 lanes on TX1 for connecting multiple cameras. How do we define these lanes for each cameras?
    Could you provide a sample code for two Camera-Link cameras, resolution 1280x1024?

Please download the document from below link and reference to the “Sensor Driver Programming Guide” chapter