Multiple errors running an inference using two DLAs and GPU on Jetson AGX Xavier


I am running an inference with TensorRT using python with Jetpack version 5.0.2-b231 on Jetson AGX Xavier. All the process works well but when the code finishes it is shown a lot of errors. I am using GPU + 2 DLAs.
I attach the different errors due to I don’t know if the process works really well. Maybe these errors make the process slower. I only have copied some lines because every line appers so much times.

Thanks, Paula.


The error might occurs if the resources are not correctly released.
Could you try to set the runtime and engine to NULL before terminating?



I have set the engine and context to 0 before terminating and all errors have disappeared.

Thanks you so much.

Thanks for the feedback.
Good to know this solve the error.

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