Multiple Ethernet camera and jetson AGX Xavier


I have 4 Ethernet Cameras( Imou 360° 1080P Full HD Security Camera). Can you suggest how can I connect all the 4 cameras so that I can stream all the four camera simultaneously. I am using Jetson AGX Xavier.

I thought to connect all four camera to Jetson AGX Xavier through router. will that works perfectly?

My application : for Vision Services.

On the network side, it depends on how much bandwidth is consumed. That in turn depends on the color depth in combination with whatever compression method is used. A low end camera will probably not use hardware compression. I see this has night vision, so perhaps it isn’t RGB, maybe it is 8-bit grayscale. To know for certain you need to find out what format it uses (e.g., Basler) and color depth (even grayscale has a depth; RGB is the sum of three channels, grayscale is just one channel). Do you have any detailed specs? Otherwise the only answer will probably be from someone who has that specific camera.

you may refer to Jetson Nano FAQ for setting up server and running open network RTSP stream.

Hi linuxdev

What specification do you need, Kindly mention them.

Hi JerryChang

Can I use 4 port PCI express Gigabit Ethernet Lan Card(1000Mbps intel l350-t4)?

You would need to know any color depths in combination with frame rates. Also, if it uses particular CODECs. This isn’t a typical RGB camera, so I wouldn’t know where to begin other than all specifications on video formats available.

Hi linuxdev and JerryChang

Sorry for the late reply.

Now I have planned to use switch and IP camera with Jetson AGX Xavier. I think I can stream all the cameras using Gstreamer.

Kindly find the specs sheet of the cameras that I am using.
imou_camera_specs.pdf (2.0 MB)

I don’t know if this is possible, but if it is, then it would provide a lot of information: Can you open that camera directly in vlc? If you can (and vlc does have streaming capabilities via network devices, though I don’t know about this particular case), then the “tools” of vlc will tell you just about everything about the stream or media.

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