Multiple Instances of Sensor Manager?


I am using the NVIDIA DRIVE AV SDK Reference 1.2.400 Release. I am trying to create multiple instances of a Sensor Manager for each type of sensor. While adding the camera dynamically from the rig file using dwSensorManager_addCameraSensor(), it is adding only the first camera’s parameter from the rig file. I tried several things and now I am wondering whether is it even possible to create multiple instances of Sensor Manager for each sensor?

Also in this function dwSensorManager_addCameraSensor(const char *groupName,uint32_t siblingIndex,dwSensorParams params,uint64_t clientData,dwSensorManagerHandle_t sm ), what exactly is the Client Data. Where can I find an explanation about it and what is the right value that needs to be set?

Thanks and Regards
Madhu Nikaash

Dear madhu nikaash,
Thank you for bringing it to our notice. We are looking into it and update you on client data.
dwSensorManager_initializeFromRig() can be used add all sensors in rig file.
It is adding only the first camera’s parameter from the rig file

It is not clear to me. Could you share more details like rig file or code snippet

Hello SivaRamaKrishna,

Thank you for your reply.

Please find the attachment of the rig file that we are using (calib_file.png). Currently we have 2 Sekonix cameras. One is a 120° FOV (sf3324) and another camera is a 60° FOV (sf3325).

We are already using dwSensorManager_initializeFromRig() function and both the cameras are properly initialized. (please see the highlighted section in the above attached image).

However, when I am trying to initialize a Sensor Manager and then use the function dwSensorManager_addCameraSensor(), only the camera defined first in the rig file is initialized and the 2nd camera, which is a 60° FOV is also being initialized with the 120° FOV camera’s properties. (please see the highlighted section in the image Cameras_Wrong_Init.png). For verification purposes, I have also printed the camera properties extracted using the function dwRigConfiguration_getSensorParameter.
I am not sure where I am going wrong with this. Is it even possible to initialize the cameras and the other sensors using multiple instances of the Sensor Manager?

Madhu Nikaash.

Dear Madhu,
Could you please file a bug for this issue. Please login to with your credentials. Please check MyAccount->MyBugs->Submit a new bug to file bug.
Please share ID here to follow up.

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

As suggested by you, I created a bug for this issue with the bug ID 2691674.

Thanks and Regards
Madhu Nikaash