Multiple level alarm for each detection in deepstream

Jetson Xavier

I want to add some functionality to the Deepstream-app but do not have the knowledge of C to do it.

(all times are examples I will need to be able to modify them in the config file)

A. 3 levels of detection for each object

  1. after an object has been detected for 5 seconds a wav/mp3 files plays
  2. after another 5 seconds a different wav/mp3 file plays
  3. after another 20 seconds a gpio is triggered

B. adjustable detection zone rather than the whole camera feed/screen

C. a gpio input button which will reset the counters in part A above

Does anyone have similar functionality they could share?

thanks Chris

Hey Chris,
1.please share your setup with us
For B, we don’t support this feature, however we can filter out the output via roi-top-offset/roi-bottom-offset, refer Gst-nvinfer — DeepStream DeepStream Version: 5.0 documentation.

For other questions, could you specify more details, I didn’t get.