Multiple Lidar Data Acquisition using ros bridge

Unable to acquire data from multiple Tim Sick Lidars

I have created a ros bridge for tim sick lidar drivers as I am unable to use the Tim sick drivers created for Nvidia Isaac. With reference to the link below:

The issue of interfacing Tim Sick Lidar with Nvidia Isaac sdk using isaac drivers hasn’t been resolved yet. As a way around this issue I am using a ros brige to use the tim sick drivers created for ROS. I am able to acquire the data from one Tim Lidar using this method. However when I try implementing this for multiple Tim Sick Lidars, I am getting an error. I have tried two methods to resolve this issue:

  1. I tried creating a second instance of the RosToTim class and including it as a component in the ros_converter node (with reference to the ros_to_navigation_bridge_subgraph.json sample application)

  2. I tried duplicating the RosToTim class under a different name and adding it to the above ros_converter node as a component. This doesn’t work either. In both the cases neither the ROS node nor the ros_converter nodes start (Even though the application executes successfully).

  3. The last method that I tried implementing was the parallel behavior method. I tried creating a new node in the graph with a duplicate class name (RosToTim class) and followed the same implementation for the parallel behavior as in the ros_to_navigation_bridge_subgraph.json . In this case the application terminates unexpectedly.