Multiple LiDAR Merging

I am working on AGV simulation with (2) Sick lidars (front and back) for 360 coverage. In ROS, I am able to use ira_laser_tools ( GitHub - iralabdisco/ira_laser_tools: All laser type assemblers and manipulators. ) to merge the front and back lasers together as (1) scan.

What would be the best way to achieve this in OV Isaac Sim?

Thanking in advance for your help/suggestions.

You can make two lidar sensor prims on the front and the back, each with a 180 horizontal FOV, and two ros lidar components to publish the data. Then based on the description of ira_laser_tools it should be able to merge the associated scans.


Thank you. That will do the trick.

Did you mean 270 degree horizontal FOV?