Multiple Monitor Position Not Saving

I have a Dell M1730. I have an external monitor connected to the DVI port. I was using the latest drivers from Dell, but found out that the latest driver from NVidia performs better and allows multiple monitors with SLI turned on. My 3DMark06 rating went from 5523 to 9758, so I am very happy with the new driver’s performance.

The problem I am having is with multiple monitors. My external monitor is positioned on the left of my laptop. Since the default position in Windows Vista (and XP) is for external monitors to be on the right I had to go into Personalize / Display Resolutions and drag monitor #2 to the left side. This works fine until I boot up without the external monitor connected and then later boot up with it reconnected. I can even have everything working, disconnect the external monitor, the screen blanks for a second and then reconnect the external monitor, the screen blanks, but now the setting has reverted to the external monitor being on the right again.

It is like the setting is not being saved.

I read somewhere that sometimes the NVidia settings will conflict with the windows settings. Well, the NVidia control panel doesn’t have a way, that I can see, to change monitor positions. I can set which monitor is primary and all that, but not which one is where. If I change the Vista position setting and the look in the NVidia panel it shows it on the left, but if I am in the bad state where it is on the right and go into the NVidia panel I can’t see a way to change it.

It seems like I had this trouble last time I updated my video drivers and somehow I fixed it, but can’t remember how. Someone helped me with it, but I didn’t keep track of what we did. I am pretty sure it was something simple like deleting a file or registry entry or something that did not include reinstalling anything.

Anyone know how to solve this?

I have the same problem on my Dell m1530. I have just downloaded the latest nVidia driver, it did not help.

Anyone have any idea?

I have not received a single answer on all of the many places I have posted this question…NVidia, Dell, other sites as well.

I finally just moved my monitor to the other side of my laptop. It is sad that I have to do that. :thumbsdown: