multiple network cards


We have an OSX machine with 2 network cards. The OS appears to randomly select a different adaptor every time the machine reboots, and this causes the hostid to alternate between two different values (actually only the last character changes from c to d).

Currently I’ve generated two licence files, and every time the hostid changes I simply copy the correct one to /opt/pgi/ and restart the licence server, but I wonder if there is a way to generate a unified licence file which is valid for both hostids?



Hi Andy,

Do you have both network cards connected to the same network?

No, I’ve discovered they are connected to different networks:

I’ve just got clarification from the owner of the machine (I only access it remotely via ssh) and it does not relate to the OS reassigning the primary ethernet cards. One of the cards is permanently connected to the internet via the university main network, the other one is sometimes used to form a private network with the owner’s OSX laptop. So, it’s when the second network card is active that the sysid changes.

It sounds like the owner of the machine needs to change the preferred order of the network adapters.

Under the Network panel in System Preferences, there is a little gear icon and a menu item to ‘Set Service Order…’

Just drag and drop entries to rearrange. The adapter that’s always connected to the campus network should be above the adapter used to create the private network.