Multiple nvdsfileout writes possible?

Two video input files (1 + 2) are getting streammuxed an processed with resnet4class object detection and object tracker. Following video tile and video display. Then…

Targets of the graph are to produce these three entities:

  1. nvidia video renderer to display output in desktop
  2. nvdsfileout Video file output no. 1 in local directory with input stream 1
  3. nvdsfileout Video file output no. 2 in local directory with input stream 2

Question 1: Is that producable with graphcomposer 2.0.1?
Question 2: Do you have a code example in python for that?


Running on: **
** arch: x86_64 os: linux distribution: ubuntu_20.04 cuda: 12.1 cudnn: 8.8.1 tensorrt: 8.5.3 deepstream: 6.2.1 vpi: 2.3.1

NVIDIA-SMI 545.29.02 Driver Version: 545.29.02 CUDA Version: 12.3
RTX 4070

Yes. The existing extensions can construct such graph.

You can construct graph with Graph Composer GUI. No python code is needed. Please refer to the user manual. Application Workflow — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation

Okay, I am able to construct basic graphs with graph composer and I know that documentation and the work process as well.

The question is, how to construct the above described double write to file? Please tell me an give me an example.

Best Regards and much thanks for your efforts in that!

The graph can be like this, just replace the “Nvidia Video Render” extensions to the “Video File Output” extensions, you can save videos.

MyGraph.yaml (9.1 KB)

@Fiona.Chen → Thank you very much!

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