Multiple nVIDIA Display Cards (one for display and one for CUDA)

I have two nVIDIA display cards on my VISTA computer “Quadro FX 1700” and “GeForce GTX 260”.

I want to use “Quadro FX 1700” for display only and “GeForce GTX 260” for CUDA only.

I made “Quadro FX 1700” my primary display and “GeForce GTX 260” my secondary display. I set the device using “cudaSetDevice(1);”. But again my computer hangs if the kernel takes more than 5 seconds to execute. Why is this happening as the kernel should run on the secondary device and primary device should keep working without any problem.

Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

written in CUDA_Release_Notes_2.1.txt

Vista Specific Issues:

o Individual kernels are limited to a 2-second runtime by Windows
Vista. Kernels that run for longer than 2 seconds will trigger
the Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) mechanism. For more
information, see