Multiple odometry sources?

Can isaac sdk handle multiple odometry sources (i.e. stereo visual and differential drive ) at the same time?

Certain codelets can integrate different sources (stereo visual, kinematic odometry from encoders, integrating velocity commands or IMU, etc.). to provide a more accurate source of odometry. For example, the StereoVisualOdometry codelet, uses stereo image pairs and IMU readings to produce an estimate of ego motion which can be fed into the DifferentialBaseWheelImuOdometry codelet.

@hemals The DifferentialBaseWheelImuOdometry' only takes in a stateProto as input. The output fromStereoVisualOdometry` is Odometry2proto type. Is having a codelet that receives the Odometry2Proto and transmits it as a StateProto the only way to go? Also the documentation is not specific about the type of StateProto to be given as input. Could it be just linear and angular velocities, or does it need the StateProto with acceleration and pose information as well?

I would also like to know if there is a way to use motor_encoder reading directly and compute odometry?