Multiple people in VR

When are you planning to release multiple people connecting to the same scene? So you can see other people in VR in the same scene.

AND we need to be able to talk to each other in the collaboration.

Hello @Jack_Jensen! The latest version of XR, provides a VR-optimized review and approval application enabling engineers, designers, and creators to immersively experience their full-fidelity 3D scenes at human scale. In VR, users can view, review and annotate scenes, control lighting, navigate with ease, and perform basic manipulations of 3D objects. Leveraging the full power of NVIDIA RTX technology, introducing the world’s first full-fidelity, fully ray traced VR, giving users the ability to view every reflection, soft shadow, and limitless lights, and enabling them to render very high-poly models instantly without special imports.

Keep in mind that OV XR is beta and in my mind is a teaser for what will be coming.
I think the current solution is to have a Zoom/Teams meeting with the audio enabled for the VR headset. Not perfect, but if stages are linked with a nucleus server in Live mode or other users are connected with OV Streaming Client, any changes will be updated to everyone. This is not the same as multiple users in VR, like VR Chat or Vive Sync. In my use case I think OV streaming client might be what I need (with Teams). Others would primarily be collaborating with my visualizations.

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Can you share some more info about how multi users connect to the same scene with CreateXR ?
I tried running CreateXR in EC2 and with CloudXR and SteamVR on that instance, I can use CloudXR client on Quest 2 to connect to that scene.

Am I meant to be able to connect another Quest 2 with CloudXR to that same CreateXR instance or am I meant to use a different instance somehow ? The SteamVR on that first instance has been connected to the first user though.

Hi Wendy,

has there been an update on collaborative VR in omniverse? So multiple people can use VR and see eachother.


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