Multiple PhysX engines and disjoint areas

Does the PhysX engine support multiple physics engines at the same time?
For example, several PhysX instances with different coordinate systems.

Also, we have an ‘infinite world’ which is made of 1 km blocks.
Each block is a separate physics engine.
For a given client the graphics have an origin from where the client entered the world.
Then on the server side the 7x7 km area around each player is kept and simulated.
The players may be close together and share 1 km blocks, or far apart.
We create and destroy 1km blocks of the world as the player moves around.
And write them to disk.

  • Can the Unity engine be run headless on a server?

  • Can one have multiple independent PhysX engines running?
    (Created and destroyed independently too)

  • Can one have multiple non-touching scenes loaded at the same time?
    (In our case we would create an empty scene and populate it programmatically with terrain and game objects.)

  • On a headless server (no graphics windows) can Unity models be loaded for physics, and thus have physics engines running on a server?

  • Is Unity locked into running on a client with graphics?

It is interesting that after 2 days this post has no replies yet.
I wonder if I am asking the question wrong?

So lets simplify it…

  • Can one have multiple PhysX engines running at the same time in Unity?


so - do you wait for 2 days for an answer?
Just look at the other posts here - most of them are waiting for answers too.
Since the incident of the old forum, most user are gone and their knowledge is lost.
The admins are seldom online - and most user, like me, have to search for an answer in their own source code to find the answer.

Im not an admin or an expert - but your questions are mostly about Unity.
I dont want to say that everybody in this forum use their own framework or engine, but I guess most of them do it. (Including me)

So this is the first post about Unity I see here in the forum.
Unity is using Physx in their own language and in their own implementation of it ( not native C++ PhsysX SDK ).
I also dont know which version they using.

But… when I read your post its an interesting way what do you want to do
with the physics in a block (page).
… I guess that there will be many problems - like synchronizing which page should be active while you are in the range of two pages ( lets say you are on the border between the pages ) and one actor
is going to touch the other actor in a other scene - they dont know themselves so its up to you…
And maybe other things too.

Maybe its possible to have more than one instance in PhysX - but its up to you to synchronize it.
-> just create more PxScenes. If its possible - its native in C++ - but I dont know anything about Unity related PhysX.

Its probably better to ask in the Unity forum this question, because its mainly possible Unity features which you are asking for.

Or when you wait maybe an admin or somebody with more knwoledge will answer you.

Ok, thanks. We already have everything working in Havok on Ogre3D. We do a pass off between Havok instances when the player crosses a 1km block boundary, and throttle physics processing depending on how close the 1km block is to the player(s).