Multiple point instancing issue

Hi everyone, I’m a freelancer using houdini to create promos for industrial products, I’ve tried to add omniverse to my workflow and the rendering speed and quality is inspiring. However I’ve come across a problem that I couldn’t solve in two days of trying on my own, hopefully someone can help me, thanks.
Multiple point instancing issue: When a model with animation is instanced multiple times, the animation data gets compounded. If the model rotates 90 degrees along the x-axis, with each instance, the rotation could increase to 180 degrees, 270 degrees, etc.

Added note: This issue does not occur in storm.

@guan9287 as another user, i’ve not seen different renderers (in your case, Real-time to Pixar Storm) that yields different outputs; that said, i haven’t seen everything. what did standout to me is the structure of your stage. the way it’s structured, each copy is nested, which i could see the reason behind the compounding on top of another as you create duplicates as a children.

i am curious to know whether if un-nesting them affects anything?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been working on this issue for three days now and now know exactly what to do to avoid the error. However I think it should be a small problem with omniverse itself, because in houdini’s solaris, multi-layer nesting is allowed, and there is no problem opening the scene using USDView.
Attached is a scene I’m working on, with several thousand products each with the same model information on the lamp bead structure and some reproducible connectors. Six of these products make up a group being packed in boxes for shipping, and when the products need to be composed to look like the actual application, they work with other accessories to make up the huge screen. In demonstrating the assembly process, not only is multiple nesting of point instances required, but a specific number of replicas need to have animated time offsets. Otherwise these scenes would kill brain memory, if not computer memory.
By the way, if the prototype’s Xform is the world origin, it will render correctly in omniverse no matter how many layers of nesting there are.

Yes this makes sense. If you are using Instancing and have multiple copies of the same model, where you actually apply the 90 degree rotation really matters. If you rotate an instanced model that is nested, it will rotate all subsequent sub objects below. If you then go down the tree and do the same thing you are adding another 90 degees, and so on and so on. That is not the correct workflow.

You can duplicate geometry, and groups of geometry, but don’t nest them. Keep them instanced duplicates at the ROOT level. See how I have duplicated these spheres and they are all copies at the ROOT level.


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