Multiple processes executing together? Jetson Nano + arducam IMX477

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This is going to sound like a funny question to ask but is it possible to program the Jetson nano to have LEDs strobe and a camera capturing simultaneously?

In the past I was able to allocate a loop to have one LED or all LEDs on for each capture of the camera. But to strobe the lights while still capturing is where I am struggling to get to work. Usually with photography, the strobe lights are controlled with something else and the camera man takes the images. But in my scenario, the Jetson nano is the controller of both the lights and capturing. And usually how programs work is like reading down a file. So if the Jetson is strobing the lights it will never get to capture until it jumps out of strobing to capture images. I am programming this in Python btw.

I looked into something called multiprocessing but that didn’t work like I expected.

I thought about using a raspberry pi to control the lighting and the jetson nano to capture, but that sounds ridiculous using two microcontrollers to do this simple task. Unless I’m the ridiculous one.

Sorry to tell Jetson camera don’t support LED flash, However you can design torch mode for it.

Thanks for replying. Torch mode? Do you mean flickering the LEDS?

We think Arducam can help you check and evaluate this camera LED strobe feature, and you could contact us via directly.

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Torch mode means turn on the LED during whole capture process.
Turn the LED → trigger capture → capture done → turn off the LED.

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