Multiple Simulation Synchronization (merging and synchronizing distributed simulation)

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Sorry for the lengthy post but it would be grateful if you could help me out and have the developers to review this and share their opinion on this!
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1. Live Sync functionality

I would like to inquire about the “Live Sync” functionality of Nvidia’s Omniverse.

I am familiar with the Live Sync functionality in Isaac Sim and USD Composer, which facilitates simultaneous collaboration when the USD file is on a shared Nucleus Server. I would like to inquire about its applicability in scenarios involving memory or computation-intensive simulations, such as the ones involving ROS2-based robots.

To elaborate, our team’s objective is to distribute simulations across multiple desktops/workstations(each with Isaac Sim), thereby dividing the computational load and have a central USD Composer, hosting a Live Sync session on a local Nucleus Server, to merge and synchronize these dispersed simulations.
(I have drawn and attached a schematic of this scenario to aid your understanding.)

However, when attempting this setup, when I press the play button on more than one Isaac Sim simulations that is connected to the Live Sync session, I encounter synchronization issues accompanied by errors like “Transformation change on non-root links not supported”.
Could you offer insights on this? If the current version of Live Sync doesn’t support such setup, is there any indication in Nvidia Omniverse’s roadmap for enhancing the Live Sync capabilities in this direction?

2. WebRTC functionality

Also, I’m interested in understanding Nvidia’s roadmap regarding the current limitations of the WebRTC functionality. As it stands as shown in the link below, only one user can control, while others are limited to spectator mode during a WebRTC streaming session with multiple users. Are their plans to enhance this, allowing multiple users to individually control and navigate within a WebRTC streaming session?
(WebRTC Browser Client — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation)

Thanks for taking the time to go through these myriad of questions!

Hi @jaeyeun - Thank you for your question. I will forward the question to right devs who can help answer these two questions.

Hello! @rthaker
Thanks for the response!
Was just checking in to see if there is any update regarding my inquiry?

I had created a case with a similar inquiry on the NVN Parter Portal’s Enterprise support, but to no avail.
I had originally inquired @ltorabi a while back and recently got an email response back stating that distributed simulation should be possible(which got our team very enthusiastic about the matter), but however without much information or instructions on the how-to.

So I was wondering, is there any documentation or instructions(I couldn’t find any) that I can study regarding a synchronized distributed robotics simulation until I get a response from one of the developers regarding my inquiry?

Being able to merge and synchronize multiple simulations distributed among different desktops/workstations is a pressing issue for our team on preparing for a POC project regarding a Mega-fullfillment center simulation involving robotics automation.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

Are there any updates regarding distributed simulation in Isaac Sim?

Thanks :-)