Multiple synchronized views for location based entertainment applications

Can Kit be used In a scenario like a theme park attraction, where we want to create multiple “out the window” synchronized and spatially coherent views looking out from inside a complex structure (i.e. in different directions depending on where one is inside the building) using multiple client machines (we’re talking about a lot of high-res views).

In the virtual production context using something like nDisplay in Unreal, typically one is either blending a bunch of projectors, tiling displays, or projecting on faceted surfaces to create a mapped view from a single camera POV. I’m trying to find out of nDisplay can pull this off, but if not, I’m wondering if we could use Kit. If so, what would the licensing implications be for a very large scale application (dozens) of heads?

Thx in advance for any feedback!

Hi @erich11. Good question. Let me check with the devs.

Hi Erich. So, you currently would be able to do something like nDisplay with Omniverse. If the displays are not blended or aligned, you likely do something with OV, but it is not currently the focus of development.

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