Multiple Tesla C870 in One PC?

I realize the Tesla products have just come to market. As you may know, NVIDIA is advertising a product “seed” promotion thru PNY. I’m interested in getting two Tesla C870s in one of the Sun Ultra 24 Workstations as advertised in this promotion.

The Sun 24 Workstation has two full-length PCI X16 Gen2 slots and a standard 530W power supply. In my case, this box would have to be a Win XP machine.

Does anyone have any idea if this would be acceptable? Or, is the Tesla D870 deskside system the perferred way to implement two C870 units?

Thanks in advance,

I’m not sure I’d recommend trying two C870’s in an Ultra 24. The Ultra 24 is sweet - but there aren’t enough power connectors for two C870’s (you’d need 4 of external the connectors). Plus you’d still need another card to provide display.

We were demonstrating at the supercomputing conference last week an Ultra 24 with a D870 (requires only the 10Watt adapter card) and an 8800 GT (which can take advantage of the Gen2 and only uses 1 power connector, runs CUDA and gives a nice display, but only has 512MB memory, not the 1.5GB on the C870).

Or I’ve been running a Quado FX570 paired with a C870 inside the Ultra 24. The FX570 runs CUDA (not as many processors or memory) but doesn’t use an extrernal power connector, leaving the 2 available for the C870.