Multiple USB camera on Jetson TX1 and cord length

I am planning to use Jetson TX1 module to integrate 4 3.0 USB cameras, one of the solution i found was to use a powered hub. Is there any other restrictions like cord length from the module to camera to avoid distortion? i read it was 2-3 feet, but not able to find the thread again to confirm my suspicion!

Thanks in advance.

USB cord length won’t result in changes to data when functioning correctly…it’s purely digital. However, USB does have limitations on cord length. To go longer lengths you need a repeater, and this adds latency. Going longer without a repeater implies signal timings cannot be met (length restrictions are not about power loss…they’re about timing).

It is possible that a single USB3 camera can saturate a single USB3 port. In many cases you can get two cameras successfully using one port. It’ll be hard to imagine that four cameras can function on a single port. You probably need a PCIe USB3 expansion card with four independent ports using two or four of the PCIe lanes (a PCIe x4 expansion with four independent root_hubs would be the best solution).

Use of a powered HUB is a good choice even if you use only a single camera.

Yes i meant power-loss in USB cord.
Thanks Linuxdev