Multiple Viewports in V2022.2.0


for a multi robot simulation we need multiple viewports in Isaac Sim.
In previous versions it was possible to add new viewports as needed and as still shown in the documentation.
However, in V2022.2.0 this is not possible anymore. Under the “Window” menu i can only activate a second viewport. The “New Viewport Window” option is gone.

Is that intended? Is it somehow possible to add a third one, maybe via the console?
Thank you!

Hi @chr1s

This post may help

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fyi the multiple viewport function is very buggy if you try to set the viewport resolution manually. I will attach a picture of the viewport with changed resolution:


yes, seems to work. Thank you!
Do you know by chance further details on why that has been changed? I’ve seen multiple mentions of the now “legacy viewport” in the release notes, but no further background.

Hi @chr1s

As a user, I can only say that the main changes come from the fact that Isaac Sim 2022.2.0 is built on top of Omniverse Kit 104.1.

Here you can find the Kit 104.1 Release Highlights

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