Multiple warnings when starting USD Composer


Every time I start USD Composer, without doing anything, I encounter the following warnings, and I don’t know what they’re due to. I’m not sure if they’re very important or not. The last line, the one about “GpuResourcesCache”, appears when I access a Nucleus folder in the content browser of the USD Composer. I have performed a clean uninstallation and installation in the default path, on another drive, it doesn’t matter where I install it, the same thing always happens. If someone could guide me or tell me what it’s due to, I would be very grateful. Sorry for my English, but I am using a translator. Thank you.

@Raul_GS i am just another OV user, and my personal experience is this: “if it’s yellow, stay mellow; if it’s red, read what it said”. red presents actual error while yellow is generally a warning which may or may not lead to an error. in your case, i do get similar warning messages, but all should be fine. if not, the mods/devs can confirm for you.

the default console verbosity level shows both warnings and errors, which you could change at anytime (by clicking on the icons at the top right of your screenshot).

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That’s exactly what I thought, but being new to Omniverse, I wanted to make sure. Thank you very much.

Yes yellow warnings are not considered too critical to the use. However they can provide useful information. Some of those warnings are about new or depreciated extensions. You can manually update those extensions if you would like, but it is not required.

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“Understood, thank you very much. And how is it manually updated? I’m starting with Omniverse and don’t know much. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Well you can go into the Extension Manager at the bottom of the Windows menu and then filter by the name of the extension or all extensions that have an update available. HOWEVER I would not update an extensions unless you can specific reason to do so. It can also cause problems.

I would just ignore the warnings. They are not important.

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Alright, I will ignore them. But I’m not exactly sure where the extension manager you mentioned is located. I don’t know if you’re referring to the Omniverse launcher or to Windows itself. If it’s in Windows, I don’t see “extension manager” anywhere. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Ahhhh!!! Ok, Thank you very much!!!

You are welcome