Multiple xavier nx communication

hey all

the project im working on requires me to use multiple (3 or more) jetson xavier nx’s development kits and I am wondering how many of them can i connect to communicate with each other and if can or spi is more suitable

Use the onboard Ethernet and a Gigabit Ethernet Switch. This is the easiest way. There are inexpensive 24 port units like this one
and you should have no problem to source a used one on ebay. There is no real technical limitation on the number of DevKits you can use other than the 1G bandwidth of the onboard Ethernet. There are also 48 port switches, and you could connect multiple switches and have hundreds of nodes in your network.


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would this work in the case of sending image processing data across the entire system?

Of course. Your limit is the bandwidth of the Gigabit Ethernet.


thank you so much for your help !

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