multiprocessor and multicore architecture 2 x Xeon quad core with Quadro FX as Cuda

I do in a Visual C ++ 2008 ; That’s prefer NVidia environment for Cuda ; do you do in this environment ? do you do in the assembler in this environment ?

do You do in asembler in that environment ? i think about sufficient rotation of that architecture .
can You help me ?

the current version of cuda does not work with vs2008.
I do not understand your question about rotation.

thank You

I think about numerical method . I start now in cuda and search good envitorment for that . Can You Help me ?
what version vs works from Cuda ? why vs2008 do not work with cuda ? kind of cuda i must choice ?

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vs2008 is now supported in the CUDA 2.1 beta

Where is that ? i think about download .
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Thank You

nice !!!
i now search nvidia site that is here .
That is a good for a vs 2008 ?

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