Multitexturing on a single model creates a weird bug...

Hi, i have recently updated my Nvidia drivers for my GTX 1070 “Desktop” and now every time i try to run my game engine, i get some sort of multi-texturing bug loop.

What i mean by that is that if i get my code to load 2 diffuse textures on one model, then if i import another model that has only 1 diffuse texture but also have a single normap mapping texture, then the model with the normal map won’t even try to load the normal map properly, i have been using the same code for this job for a long time, without editing it until After the bug arosed.

but the loop means that if i reverse the code and i get the model with normal mapping to render the normal map, then the model with 2 diffuse textures will only render one of them, no matter what i do i can only get into this crappy bug loop. I’m honestly getting pretty frustrated that i keep having to fix bugs, instead of being able to continue the development.

Anybody got a clue?

I can tell you that the bug occurs whenever i am rendering the models (like in the render function!) and under the binding of the textures, that is where it is happening.

Thanks for reading this far (if you did do so) i hope someone has an idea as to what could be wrong?