Mutectcaller interval file


I’d like to do somatic variant calling of SNPs and INDELs with the UKB WES data using the Mutectcaller (Parabricks accelerated) version 4.0.0-2 on UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform RAP. I started an analysis and received interval file error. I attached run associated log file. Before I started analysis, I selected a bed file as interval file. The bed file contains just specific genes. The aim of adding the bed file is to filter WES data according to spesific genes. I’m intereted in spesific genes not all genes. So, I’d like to get a small size VCF file end of the analysis. How can i do this? I wanted to do analysis using a bed file but I could not. What would you suggest for solving this issue?

AppInternalError app-GPzvXG8Jbj6K4yBbpYbxYG4J.txt (8.6 KB)

Many thanks.